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The Fantastic Plastics - "Under the Knife"

A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

The Fantastic Plastics - "Under the Knife"

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Artist Bio:

With their motto "The Future of the Future", The Fantastic Plastics craft infectious Future Wave / New Wave garage rock hooks sprinkled with thick analog synths and a dose whip smart lyrics. They are Candy Coated Cyanide.Upcoming tour dates:

Oct 30th - Jersey City, NJ (Art House Productions

Oct 31st - Philadelphia, PA (The Cat Space)

Nov 13th - Chicago, IL (LiveWire)

Nov 14th - Peoria, IL (The Rail II)

Dec 5th - Brooklyn, NY

Dec 12th - Kingston, NY (Snapper McGee's)

About The Video: The video, created using photo and video collages as stop motion animation portrays the story of an obsessed super fan (robot) who spends his days stalking the band, collecting photos and using them to create paper dolls of the band that he can manipulate. As the video unwinds the stalker creates a mask from the photos to take on the band's personality. Based on the imagery throughout the video one is left to wonder how far the stalker was willing to take his obsession.

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